Goats milk natural body bars are handmade using natural ingredients and luxe goats milk.


Milkhoneybody is located in the beautiful Hawkesbury district, on a 12 acre property, with a small herd of toggenburg dairy goat (a swiss breed)

The toggenburg goats are known as being quirkier than many breeds and are mischievous. They love connecting with people and are very expressive and communicative.


We are committed to providing quality goats milk and body bars. It is important that our packaging is minimal and environmentally friendly.

Our range includes:

Goats Milk and Vanilla Body Bar - a lovely moisturising bar.


Goats Milk and Honey Body Bar - to nourish your body!


Goats Milk Cinnamon, Oats & Honey Body Bar - a hydrating, antibacterial & exfoliating bar.


Creamy Goat Milk & Honey Shaving Bar - a creamy low bubble lather, conditions & moisturizing bar


Luxe Shampoo Bar - nourishes and cleanses, a creamy & bubbly bar.


Goat Milk & Honey Shampoo Bar - lathers wonderfully and so nourishing.


Mocha - Coffee Scrub Bar - a gentle exfoliant, with cocoa butter to smooth and soften the skin.


Baby Goat - a gentle bar of soap perfect for baby.


The Old Goat - high in vitamin E, avocado oil is great for elder skin.


Cooling Clay - peppermint is cooling on the skin and clay is drawing, pulling out toxins.


Charcoal & Tea Tree - a great bar, especially for teenage or acne prone skin, crafted for the face.


Lemongrass Goat Milk Body Bar - just a lovely every day face and body bar.


Lavender Goat Milk Body Bar - excellent soap perfect for any body type.

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