A new beginning

Well I have found a new kiln, well actually three kilns, after looking for several months thanks to Cragil Pottery. It involved a large effort to free the kilns from the overgrown corner of the backyard and shed. With a tele-handler and lots of help we loaded an very heavy 8cf brick kiln on my trailer and a not so heavy 18cf fibre kiln on the back of my Triton. At that stage I thought the Triton looked a bit heavy so decided to collect the other kiln on Sunday. After a slow trip home and with the help of Les Stone we managed to unload the kilns and put them away in my new shed.

Les was of the opinion that I should take one to the tip as with the ferns growing out of it it did not look in great condition. However I thought that it would polish up really well. my nexr project I guess.

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